OH Card Decks & Storytelling Resources

Resources for Counsellors and those in the healing profession, Storytellers, Teachers & Educators, Trainers & Coaches and other varied disciplines are available.

Clients include:

Changi General Hospital ♦ Ministry of Social and Family Development ♦ RAINBOW CENTER ♦ Club21 Pte Ltd ♦ Family Service Centres ♦ DAS Academy Ltd ♦ Institute of Mental Health ♦ The Haven, The Salvation Army ♦ National University Hospital ♦ Primary Schools, Secondary Schools & Other Education Institutes

+A large number of individuals comprising Counsellors, Therapists, Coaches, Storytellers & Teachers

The interest in OH continues to grow and blossom in Singapore. The following workshops were staged in 2017 –

  • Jan 2017 ‘An Introduction to OH Cards’ workshop with 9 experienced counsellors. During the hands on session a number of the OH decks were explored.  
  • Apr 2017 ‘Storytelling with OH Cards’ at a secondary school. 
  • Oct 2017 ‘An Introduction to OH Cards’ workshop for an enthusiastic group of therapists, counsellors and educators.

At the Center of Joy


Storytelling with OH Cards


The publisher of OH Cards, Moritz Egetmeyer along with his son Lukas visited Singapore in Feb 2013 to conduct OH workshops.

Do contact us if your organization is keen for us to organize OH workshops.

A Singapore experience: Storytelling with OH Cards

Product news:

RESILIO is the latest addition to the OH family of card decks.

99 picture cards about stress and resilience plus 44 animal cards


The 99 picture cards reflect the stresses of daily life as well as revealing possibilities for relaxation. Daily pressures can be both a stimulating elixir of life and also a painful burden resulting in bad moods, upsets, or even illness. How can we find our own resources in order to unburden ourselves? The 44 animal cards symbolize qualities that can help us discover and strengthen our resilience. Metaphorically, they provide emotional and/or conceptual support.